Our Practice & Philosophy


FOR EVERY CLIENT: To provide the highest standard of legal assistance and care in the most effective and efficient manner possible, custom-designed to suit each client’s needs. To each client we pledge to act in your best interest only, with the utmost of integrity and trust in all our dealings with you, maximizing your interests and pursuing your needs and objectives every step of the way.

FOR COUPLES AND FAMILIES: To work intimately with you to understand your family's dynamics and needs, as well as problems and objectives associated with your uniquely individual situation.

FOR EMPLOYEES: We are dedicated to making sure you are not deprived of your rights under federal law, state law, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, and your rights under the particular employment contract or environment in which you are working.

FOR EMPLOYERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS: We will use the greatest of business and legal acumen to protect and advance your contractual needs, assets, relationships, customer lists, knowledge, processes, procedures and data you have developed and accumulated, to the fullest extent possible.

FOR BUSINESSES IN GENERAL: We will identify your goals, assess costs, and implement powerful strategies on your behalf in the most cost-effective manner possible, at all times maximizing YOUR goals and objectives for your business assets, interests, employees, relationships, products, projects, growth and development.

What To Expect

Our work for you will consist of the following phases: (1) We conference together at our offices to understand your needs and goals; (2) We define and discuss with you all options and their relative costs and benefits; and (3) We pursue your goals with determination, dedication and integrity, using the most effective and efficient legal methods available.

We ask that you bring all relevant documents with you to the initial meeting, including contracts, letters, statements, wills, trusts, and/or any other document you would logically know is connected to the particular issue or matter we will be working on.


The Mission of Dickens Law is to solve legal problems, create legal protection, and enforce legal rights with powerful and lasting impact and dedication. Dickens Law privately collaborates with each client and business, outlines your options, and implements powerful strategies as agreed-upon, all to accomplish the following:

- Achieve YOUR goals

- Enforce your rights

- Protect your business assets

- Preserve your personal assets, and

- Insulate your future business, rights, livelihood, family interests, and legacy.

Dickens Law prides itself on working for you at an efficient price.