Where We Work

Dickens Law, LLC is located in the suburban setting of Overland Park, in beautiful Corporate Woods just off the intersection of I-435 and 69 Highway.

Dickens Law, LLC maintains its office space with JC Grason, a financial investment and asset protection company jointly owned by Linda and her husband Dave (Dickens).   JC Grason and Dickens Law, LLC provide their clients with cutting edge legal and financial advice in one office where attorneys, accountants, and financial experts can consult each other to devise the best strategies for each individual client.

JC Grason maintains financial and insurance advisors, accountants and tax preparers on staff, and Dickens Law, LLC regularly consults with them on investment, financial, insurance, and accounting issues, and for specific clients as needed, where consent has been given. Linda and Dave believe strongly that clients benefit greatly when their attorneys, financial advisors, and accountants, can consult each other on a regular basis, whether the client is an individual, family, or business.

PLEASE NOTE:  Dickens Law, LLC and JC Grason are two separate companies, even though they share office space.  When Dickens Law renders services or gives advice, it does so only on behalf of the Law Firm, and not on behalf of the Financial Firm.  Likewise, when JC Grason gives renders services or gives advice, it does so only on behalf of the Financial Firm, and not on behalf of Dickens Law.

In the interest of protecting YOUR confidential financial, business and personal information, Dickens Law, LLC will NOT consult with JC Grason without your specific consent.  And, JC Grason will not consult with Dickens Law unless your specific consent therefore has been explicitly given.


Professionals working together on your behalf create enormous synergy, powerful results, and great efficiencies for you, your business, your private life, and your family.