Dickens Law LLC will make sure your contracts achieve your goals with the greatest legal protection and benefit available. Linda Dickens has thirty years of experience in writing and reviewing contracts for individuals as well as for Fortune 500 companies, medium, and small businesses.

These include: Employment contracts, trade-secret agreements, non-competition covenants, real estate transactions, buy/sell agreements for businesses, financial agreements, loan related contracts, service contracts, commercial agreements, residential live-in contracts, and much, much more. Linda also taught Contracts and Commercial Transactions for five years at the University of Missouri as an Adjunct Professor, and drafted one of the Kansas City area’s first health insurance plans/contracts for an area hospital.

Dickens Law LLC would be honored to assist you and your business or family by reviewing, negotiating, and/or writing your contracts, as you choose.  And, we will do so with the following paramount objectives:  Achievement of your Goals, Clarity in All Obligations, Minimization of All Risk, Elimination for Later Disputes, Maximization of your Compensation or Benefit, Minimization of your Expense, all while Preserving the Relationship(s) between you and the other party(ies).