Estate Planning - Your Legacy

In our view, your legacy is far more than the assets you leave behind. It also includes the values you stood for, and the wisdom you accumulated over your lifetime. Let us assist you in constructing an estate plan which reflects those values and passes that wisdom on to your loved ones in a powerful manner, setting tremendous example for your generations to come.

For example, today, many grandparents are concerned that their grandchildren are not learning how to save. Some of our greatest joy has been developing an estate plan which actually an incentive for grandchildren to save in childhood and adulthood. These provisions lovingly pass on Grandma’s and Grandpa’s values for hard work and saving, hopefully setting a pattern which to endure for generations to come.

For grandparents who want to encourage or facilitate higher education, we have many choices of provisions to meet your preferences.

For parents concerned about a break-up in one of their children’s marriage, we take great care to ensure that your estate passes only to your bloodline.