Financial & Investment Litigation

Linda has represented individuals, banks, pension funds, and trust companies for over three decades on a multitude of issues relating to financial and investment matters. Linda has exposed fraud, theft, negligence, mortgage fraud, and mistakes by stock brokers, investment advisers, brokerage firms, mortgage firms, large banks, and insurance companies, resulting in full compensation for client’s damages suffered, plus legal fees, in virtually every case, and punitive damages where appropriate. On occasion Linda had to involve the FBI, and federal prosecutions and convictions resulted, in addition to compensation for the clients.

Thus, Dickens Law has been very effective at enforcing YOUR business and individual rights in your investments, retirement accounts, bank accounts, ERISA-protected funds, insurance policies, mortgages, and more.

For multiple years in the 1990’s Linda represented pension funds worth hundreds of millions of dollars, ensuring that contributions were made by employers as required by federal law, union agreements, and pension fund plan documents.

In approximately 1987, Linda drafted one of the first preferred provider network agreements in the nation, for a hospital in the Kansas City area, as the market for private health insurance was just beginning to develop.

Linda’s knowledge base in the financial area had its early roots in the late 70’s and early 80’s when she worked during college and law school summers for the Trust Department of United Missouri Bank, allocating income and contributions to pension and profit sharing plans, also completing tax returns for employee benefit plans and employers.