You have doubtless heard that Probate is an evil that can be avoided, and should be avoided. It’s true. Probate is every state’s process of passing one’s assets on to his/her relatives or chosen heirs if he/she failed to take adequate legal steps to set up proper estate planning documents prior to passing. Very unfortunately, probate is expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome, and it occurs at the very time when those left behind are grieving the passing of their loved one.

Where probate cannot be or has not been avoided, we will efficiently and carefully handle probate procedures, at all times trying to minimize delays, fees, and stress upon the surviving loved ones.

Each probate procedure is different, based upon the nature and value of the assets concerned. In every case, we consult with the client and lay out the choices which will minimize most the delays and expenses involved. Then, we deliberately move probate matters forward in a respectful and caring but efficient manner for those who have been left behind.