Solutions & Strategies

Whether you are an individual or a business, there are countless times when you are strategizing to plan for the future or to handle a current problem.  In Linda’s thirty years of experience, she has accumulated a vast experience helping people strategize through sticky situations, whether with an employer, employee, competitor, commercial landlord, Retirement Residential Owner, and much much more.  Linda will diplomatically handle potentially explosive situations in a manner which will bring parties together in common interest, so that future damage to relationships or even litigation can be avoided.

If you are strategizing for the future to avoid a blow-up in business or a family, navigate difficult financial waters, seek compensation for damages or injury, obtain appropriate benefits, obtain appropriate government or agency relief, or just plain solve a legal situation, Linda is discreet, confidential, practical, and effective.  Let us assist you in formulating and/or enacting great legal strategies for accomplishing your goals.