Recent Cases


Successfully defeated world’s largest bank on wrongful foreclosure action and mistakes made in handling of mortgage and accounts.


Uncovered Ponzi scheme and theft by insurance agent when clients developed unexpected tax issues (case to recover damages currently pending).


Successful recovery of funds stolen by stock broker.


Successfully negotiated split between Wall Street financial sales executive and his new employer (competitor).


Successful integration of FBI, criminal penalties, and civil recovery over broker theft of doctor’s retirement funds.



Successful exposure of forged Trust documents by distant relative.


Successful exposure of forged Will by distant relative.


Successful protection of trust assets and inheritances from greedy attacks by outlying relatives.


Obtained Summary Judgment on technical deed issue concerning trust ownership of residential property.


Emergency appointment of Conservator and Guardian for elder female victimized by male predator.


Emergency appointment of Guardian for woman in coma where religious sect was making her medical decisions.


Emergency appointment of Estate Administrator for making elections concerning COBRA and life insurance extensions, and for investigating cause of death with subpoena powers.


Multiple additional probate matters on emergency and non-emergency basis.



Successfully negotiated split between Wall Street financial sales executive and his new employer (competitor).


Won against employer skimming from employees’ compensation, including award of punitive damages and all compensatory damages.


Successful defense of female doctor sued by Emergency Room physicians for alleged violation of covenant-not-to-compete (Kansas City’s first successful defense of noncompetition covenant).


Successful defense of multiple high end service providers on noncompetition covenants and trade secret/customer name accusations.


Successfully defended multiple sales executives from former employers and unfounded trade secret accusations.


Successful defense of large City against former employee alleging sex discrimination.



Successful settlement for victim of toxic mold exposure against one of world’s largest hotel chains.


Successful settlement for client who lost tooth due to unexpected bone in food product.


Successful defense of shopping center owner concerning roof collapse.


Successfully aided conclusion of asphalt plant explosion causing catastrophic personal injuries.


Successful settlement of residential natural gas explosion resulting in occupant deaths.


Successful medical malpractice settlement on behalf of physician related to blood potassium levels and death.


Successful exposure of forged medical records by nurse in wrongful death case.


Successful defense of Ambulance District for “inability to resuscitate” (wrongful death claim).